Dr. sc. Carsten Karcher

“Challenges and opportunities for the European Asphalt Industry?”

Dr. sc. Milorad Jovanovski Full Professor

„Geotechnical conditions for construction of road infrastructure, experiences and practices“

Dr. sc. Goran Mladenovic Assoc. Professor

„Impact of climate change on pavement structural performance“

Dr. sc. Stjepan Lakusic Full Professor

„Contribution to road traffic noise wall panel type selection process“

Dr. sc. Tatjana Rukavina
Full Professor

“Evaluation of pavement bearing capacity by FWD – Example from practice”

Dr. sc. Osman Lindov
Full Professor

„Importance traffic management plan for traffic safety“

Dr. sc. Igor RuttmarCEO at TPA Poland

“Innovative triple SMA layer for heavy duty pavements”

Dr. sc. Nikolai Mihajlov
Full Professor

“Transport, industrial, technological, and energy infrastructures in Bulgaria”

Dr. sc. Kerim Hrapović

“Transverse profiles of motorways and express roads in Europe”

Mr. sc. Luka Krnic
TPA Zagreb

„Reconstruction and extension of the operating areas of the Dubrovnik airport“